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2022 OBSIC Schedule

All past, present and future OBSIC Schedules are made publicly available here.  Please note that these schedules only incorporate planned, funded experiments and are subject to change without notice at any time. These schedules are posted to provide general guidance regarding the planned use of the OBSIC facility and should not generally be used for 'timed' planning of future experiments. At any given time, multiple, unfunded experiments may be being 'considered' by OBSIC for any given slot of availability.

updated 1/13/2022

OBSIC Identifier P.I.Research VesselExperiment TypeObjectiveBBOBSSPOBSSMOBSExperiment Area/NameDepart DateArrive Date
24014.31BoettcherThomas G. ThompsonPassiveDeploy000GOFAR Transform FaultJan 2022March 2022
24014.27BecelMarcus G. LangsethActiveDeploy033 (124 drops)0Guerrero GapMay 2022May 2022
Recover 000
24014.24WilcockMarcus G. LangsethPassiveDeploy 5100Axial SeamountAugust 2022August 2022
24014.32WorthingtonMarcus G. LangsethPassiveDeploy000Queen Charlotte FaultSeptember 2022September 2022
24014.25LinMarcus G. LangsethActiveDeploy025 (55 drops)0Puerto RicoOctober 2022November 2022
24014.16Parnell-TurnerMarcus G. LangsethPassiveDeploy 0400Cayman RiseNovember 2022December 2022