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Short-Period OBS

These instruments are equipped with a 3-component 4.5 Hz geophone and a hydrophone and are used for active-source experiments and for microearthquake monitoring.

Design and Specifications



Physical Attributes17” Nautilus® glass-ball pressure housing holding data-logger, storage device, acoustic-release board, WHOI recovery board, and WHOI auxiliary controller. 12” McLean® glass ball pressure housing for battery storage. Custom-designed hard-hat.
Air-weight (with battery pack but not 50 lb anchor) is 140 lb. Water weight on bottom (less sensor) is 26.5 lb. Buoyancy is 20 lb. Optional syntactic collar for additional buoyancy of ~8 lb. Descent rate: ~60 m/min. Ascent rate: ~70 m/min.
Data LoggerQuanterra Q330 6-channel data engine with 24-bit A/D. Simultaneous sample rates of 200, 100, 50, 40, 20, 10, and 1 Hz. Quanterra Packet Baler storage device with 20 GByte rotary disk-drive.
ClockSeascan low-power, digitally-temperature-compensated (DTCXO), clock with drift rate, before end-point correction, of < 5 ms/day.
SensorsHigh Tech® HTI-90-U hydrophone with built-in preamplifier, and a low-frequency corner at 5 Hz.
Geospace® GS-11D, 3-component, 4.5 Hz geophone housed in its own titanium pressure vessel, and mounted on a two-axis gimbal system that allows the seismometer to level itself regardless of the tilt of the pressure housing. When deployed, geophone is mechanically decoupled from motion of the OBS frame with a water weight of 5.6 lb, not including the weighted cable.
Recording DurationAlkaline battery pack for ~1 month active-source experiment. Separate keep-alive battery for clock. Standard lithium battery pack in 12” battery ball allows ~8 months recording at 100 Hz. Battery back-pack (17” ball) allows 12 months recording at 200 Hz.
OperationOperated in closed-ball mode i.e. programming of acquisition parameters, offloading of data, clock setting, etc., all done through penetrators. Glass spheres carry an electronic vacuum gauge to ensure spheres are well sealed prior to deployment.
NOTE: Weights/decent & rise rates will vary depending on choice of battery pack.