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Pacific ORCA Experiment

The last leg of the Pacific ORCA project is underway!  30 OBSs have been on the seafloor since late 2019 and are being recovered from a very remote region of the southwest Pacific seafloor.  The team is aboard the R/V Roger Revelle experiment effort is lead by Chief Scientist Zach Eilon of UC Santa Barbara. …

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Aleutian Arc Experiment

Andreanof_Aleutian map

After a few long weeks in quarantine, to ensure no one who boarded the ship had COVID-19, the OBSIC team is onboard R/V Marcus G. Langseth which set sail from Ketchikan, AK, on Monday, August 31.  The Andreanof/Aleutian Arc Experiment effort is lead by  Dr. Dan Lizarralde of WHOI, and Prof. Donna Shillington of Northern…

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Bransfield Strait Experiment

Professor William Wilcock of University of Washington is leading the Bransfield Straight OBS experiment. OBSIC Expedition Leader Tim Kane has led the OBSIC team in the U.S. OBS recovery. View Website »    

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