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Abalone OBS

The Abalone OBS was originally designed by SIO.



Physical AttributesSyntactic foam floatation in roto-molded frame. Two 7075-T6 aluminum pressure housings holding: (i) 4.375” ID / 5.25” OD x 19.25” - data-logger; (ii) 4.375” ID / 5.25” OD x 42” lithium batteries. Acoustic release in 4” ID / 4.75” OD x 18.5“ 7075-T6 aluminum housing. Air weight is with/without anchor is 826 lbs/452 lbs.
Data LoggerNanometrics 4-channel 24-bit data-logger with built-in Seascan clock, and128 GByte embedded MultiMedia Card (eMMC).
ClockSeascan low-power, digitally-temperature-compensated (DTCXO), clock with drift rate, before end-point correction, of <5 ms/day.
SensorsNanometrics Trillium Compact OBS 3-axis seismometer with a velocity response that is flat from 120 s to 50 Hz. When deployed, the seismometer package is shielded beneath the roto-molded frame and is mechanically decoupled from motion of the OBS frame. Seismometer package has a water weight of 24.5 lb. Differential Pressure Gauge (DPG) long-period pressure sensor.
Recording DurationLithium battery pack for ~15 months recording at 100 Hz. Separate keep-alive battery for clock.
OperationOperated in closed-housing mode.