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Planning your Science

Preparing for a seagoing expedition involves many months (often years) of planning. There are many forms and documents to prepare; there are many criteria to be met and logistical issues to sort out; there are even issues of personal preparation. The most successful research cruises are typically the ones that are planned early, with an awareness of both the big picture and the fine details.

Proposal Preparation

It is important for potential users to discuss their requirements with OBSIC Management Office, or simply start with completing the OBSIC Instrument Request form, early in the proposal preparation process. To learn more about budgeting, please see OBSIC Labor and Drop Fee Algorithms.  We strongly encourage potential (new) users to read the OBSIC Instrument Use Policies and Procedures and review both the UNOLS Cruise Planning webpage and the OBSIC Cruise Planning examples.

Once your cruise is funded and scheduled, Chief Scientist will become point of contact.

Chief Scientist

The Chief Scientist is the primary point of contact for OBSIC personnel to become familiar with the objectives of the cruise. It is therefore of the utmost importance that the Chief Scientist establish a good line of communication early in the planning process to ensure that the appropriate actions are taken by the operational group. First contact may be with OBSIC Management Office.