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Exceptional scientific results are OBSIC's ultimate goal.  This page (below) lists citations of published results that were aided or enabled through the use of the OBSIP/OBSIC facility.

As stated in the OBSIC Instrument Use Policies and Procedures, all users of OBSIC Instrumentation are requested to cite the use and support of the OBSIC facility, by incorporating the following acknowledgement in any publications or reports resulting from the use of OBSIC instruments:

“Data used in this research were provided by instruments from the Ocean Bottom Seismic Instrument Center (, which is funded by the National Science Foundation. OBSIC data are archived at the IRIS Data Management Center ("

Please complete the OBSIC Submit a Publication Form when any publications or reports related to your experiment .

  • Chao An, S. Shawn Wei, Chen Cai, Han Yue; Frequency Limit for the Pressure Compliance Correction of Ocean‐Bottom Seismic Data. Seismological Research Letters ; 91 (2A): 967–976. doi:


OBSIC Full Publications List 
updated 9/20