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6Hz Noise

There have been several reports of high frequency noise on short period OBS during OBSIP experiments. While this issue remains a topic of discussion, occurrences have been summarized here with sources. This list is not comprehensive:

  • SIO Report on 2010 Instrument Testing
    • In depth investigation into attempting to reproduce the observed noise in the laboratory environment undertaken by SIO
  • 2003-2007 East Pacific Rise Experiment - 2009 G-Cubed Publication
    • Monigle, P. W., D. R. Bohnenstiehl, M. Tolstoy, and F. Waldhauser, (2009), Seismic tremor at the 9°50N East Pacific Rise eruption site, G-Cubed, doi: 10.1029/2009GC002561
    • Discussion of both signal and noise at 6 Hz
  • 2007-2008 COLZA Experiment - 2009 AGU Abstract
    • Trehu, A. M., M. C. Williams, (2009), Seismic activity in the outer Cascadia accretionary prism from a 2-year onshore/offshore seismic array, 2009 AGU Fall Meeting
    • Vibrations near 6 Hz observed, possibly tidally modulated and other vibrations of natural and man-made origin
  • 2009 Lau Basin (L-SCAN) Recovery Cruise Report
    • Discussion of observed "hum" at 6 and 12 Hz, pages 37-38
    • ~6 Hz noise observed (but rarely) at L-SCAN WHOI broadband OBS, e-mail correspondence with PI Robert Dunn
  • 2011 ALEUT Cruise Report
    • Discussion of observed 6-7 Hz noise, pages C9-C15
  • 2012 Juan de Fuca Cruise Report
    • Discussion of observed monochromatic noise at some instruments around 6.5 Hz, pages 15-17
  • 2014 ENAM and 2015 Santorini and SEGMeNT Experiments - 2018 SSA Poster
    • Aderhold, K., A. Frassetto, G. Sharer, L. Keyson, and R. Woodward, (2018), Ocean Bottom Seismometer Data Quality Using MUSTANG, 2018 SSA Meeting
    • Plots of three OBS experiments showing noise charateristics of short-period OBS, high peak at 6 Hz in SIO instruments for 2014 ENAM and 2015 Santorini experiments, not seen significantly in SEGMeNT
  • 2015 SEGMeNT/Malawi Experiment
    • In cruise evaluation from PI James Gaherty: "Seismometer channels show signs of '6hz' noise."
  • 2018 Kilauea Experiment
    • 6-7 Hz noise reported on seismic channels, not hydrophone - e-mail correspondence with PI Jackie Caplan-Auerbach